ASIS International y el FBI firman un acuerdo de colaboración

Today, ASIS and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at strengthening collaboration and information sharing between the two organizations to protect the nation’s economy and enhance public safety and national security. This partnership is the result of dedicated efforts by ASIS and the FBI’s Office of Private Sector (OPS), which was established in 2014. OPS serves as the FBI’s primary liaison with the American business community, focusing on meaningful dialogue and engagement with the private sector through key outreach programs.

«Today’s risk environment increasingly requires collaboration between private and public sector security and intelligence professionals,» says Peter J. O’Neil, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, ASIS International. Adds Thomas Langer, CPP, president-elect ASIS International and Vice President for Security, BAE Systems, «This MOU deepens our strategic relationship with the FBI, promotes public and private sector collaboration, and most importantly, will help security professionals worldwide protect the people, property, and information trusted to their care.»

FBI Deputy Director Andrew G. McCabe said, «As the FBI works to remain ahead of the threat in the face of new and more complex challenges, strong partnerships between the public and private sectors are vital to our nation’s security. Through this agreement between FBI and ASIS, we seek to increase our mutual understanding of risks to our nation’s economy and implement more effective deterrents and protections.»