III Seminario de Seguridad Internacional

ASIS Spain recently celebrated the 3rd International Security Seminar in Madrid. Attended by more than 100 professionals, members and non-members, validation was very high. This event was organized in collaboration with Fundacion Borreda as it was done in its previous edition in 2015. 2013 edition was the first an international security event was organized in Spain although close to 70% revenue on average from Ibex35 stock for Spanish 35 largest companies comes from abroad markets.

The program contained 13 presentations delivered by 11 different speakers including six from ASIS International (five from Spain and one from Venezuela), two from the University environment and two from the Spain´s State Security Forces (Cuerpo Nacional de Policia and Guardia Civil). Subjects reviewed covered were so important as the Spain´s National Security Law; the current situation of Al Qaeda and Islamic State and the current relation between them; the international threat from the Spanish Guardia Civil point of view; active shooter phenomenon: dynamics and responses; Africa, security in development; Mexico and its security environment; crisis management in complex environments; corporate security in international environments; security in Saudi Arabia: tradition and future; the international threat from the Spanish National Police point of view; Venezuela: chaos by design; and Social or Unsocial Corporate Responsibility.

Speakers were major general Martinez Valero from the Spanish Army; Pedro Sebastian. International security consultant; Alberto Ray (ARVP Region 8C); Jose Antonio Marquez, Gas Natural EMEA head of security; doctor Carlos Echeverria from Madrid University; doctor Manuel Torres from Sevilla University; captain Rafael Navarro from Guardia Civil Information Branch; inspector-chief Carlos Yuste from National Police Corp Technological Brach; Joaquin Gonzalez, FCC LATAM head of security (ASIS Spain member expatriate in Mexico); Juan Ramon Canovas, FCC Saudi Arabia security manager (ASIS Spain member expatriate in Saudi Arabia); and Juan Munoz CPP, NYA International senior consultant and ASIS Spain Chairman.

Seminar was celebrated in the auditorium of Gas Natural in Madrid and special thanks were given to FCC, a large Spanish multinational company who allowed its security managers in LATAM and Middle East to come to Madrid to participate in the seminar as speakers to provide a real international view of the situation in their respective operations area.

Photo, from left to right: Juan Muñoz CPP, ASIS Spain Chairman since 2013; Jose Luis Bolanos CPP, Chief Security Officer of Gas Natural and former ASIS Spain Chaiman (1996-1998); and Ana Borreda, president of Fundacion Borreda.